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The King’s Speech

The King's Speech Bethany and I don’t get out too often to see movies these days, but when we do we like to make sure we’re seeing something we’re going to like. When I saw the trailer for The King’s Speech I knew we would have to see it, and last night we finally did.

If I can use a British word, the film is brilliant. The story is heart warming and genuine, the nineteen twenties era is spot on, and the acting is some of the best I’ve seen. During the opening shot of the microphone I turned to Bethany and said, “I already like it”. From a cinematography standpoint it’s just a beautiful film. The production is high quality and they absolutely nailed the era of England in the twenties. Basically, it’s a film about two things: fear and friendship. I won’t give any spoilers away, but the IMDB description sums the film up this way, “The story of King George VI of Britain, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it.” That’s a very fair explanation, but in no way is this a boring English movie. Colin Firth (King George VI) and Geoffrey Rush (the speech therapist, Lionel) are both just incredible in this movie, and the way their friendship is established is both funny and heart warming. Bethany and I talked about it the whole way home from the theater (which was about 20 miles away because it’s not playing everywhere) and we just couldn’t get over the characters and the nuances of each person. Needless to say, we highly recommend the movie. Yes, we know it’s rated R, and without getting in to how I feel about the useless rating system, I can say that if you’re an adult you can see this movie without any real awkwardness. It’s rated R for language, but I’m telling you that even the very few (about two) sections of language are actually quite funny. Though I don’t condone the use of poor language, I can honestly say I was laughing…a lot.

There are few movies that come out that I clap at the end, and this was one of them. If you’ve been waiting for a great movie to come out that you can catch, this is the one. Like I said, it’s a story about fear and friendship and if those concepts don’t capture your heart then you’re probably not living too well. Go see it–it won’t disappoint.

Here’s the trailer:

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Retweet At Your Own Risk

To be perfectly clear, it’s my sheer nerd love for Back to the Future that I even write about this, but I knew I would have to say something once I got to the whole story. Let me explain.

I was wondering through my Twitter account today when I noticed a few “retweets” from my friends. For non-Twitter types, this is basically a tweet that has been copied and re-posted to other people’s accounts. Think of it as a “repeat” tweet if you will. As I casually read, I saw a couple tweets that stuck out. They were both referencing a statement about Back to the Future that I later traced back to some film site and some other dude — the tweets are shown above. If you’re a fan of Back to the Future and know your facts, you realize that this has 2 major errors in it.

First, Doc set the time machine to 2015. That’s just a fact.

Second, the date they needed is really in October…2015.

The question could be asked “where did they get the 25 years from?” Well, it’s the 25th anniversary of the film this year and they just announced a release of the trilogy on Blu-Ray. I’m assuming that’s it?

Lessons learned:

1. If you work for a magazine and are going to post a tweet about a trilogy that has a large following of people that have spent too much of their lives figuring out the time line of Back to the Future — get your facts straight.

2. If you’re going to ReTweet something, give it a once over just to make sure.

3. Both of these people are idiots. Comes from upbringing. Their parents are probably idiots too.

4. Back to the Future fans are definitely cooler than Trekkies, but they don’t joke around about their facts.

5. You are already bored by this blog.

6. You could care less what day Doc went in to the future, you are just laughing at someone eles’s mistake.

7. You really want hover board and are sad they don’t exist.

8. You still think Marty was smart when he tried to buy that Almanac in 2015 so he could go back in time and “put some money on the Cubbies”.

9. You are actually a little more interested in this blog at the moment.

10. We both wish that our lights came on at home when we say: “lights on”

11. You are seriously considering “retweeting” this blog post.

12. Things are very heavy in the future. It has something to do with the earth’s gravitational pull.

13. Whenever you see 88mph you should get a little excited inside.

14. You still don’t know what a “gigawatt” is.

15. Having information about the future can have disastrous consequences, even if you’re intentions are good. Didn’t these people actually watch the movie?!

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So They Say

Goonies Never Say Die

Fortune and Glory

This is Heavy

If You Build It

They Will Come

Photos from the Library of Congress. No known copyright restrictions. Quotes taken from various films of the nineteen eighties. Idea to put the two together by me.

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Hear, See, and Do – #11

HEAR: “The Meaning of Justification” By My Pastor, Scott Ardavanis
I really do sit under some incredible teaching every week. Our pastor has preached on this subject before, but every time I hear it I’m reminded just how important justification really is. Click the play button above to listen to the sermon or go here.

SEE: “Autumn Scenes” on The Big Picture
Photo by Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

If you’re not regularly reading and seeing The Big Picture, make sure and add it to your RSS reader. The photos they put together are fabulous (and not to mention HUGE) and I find that it regularly gives me a little overview of what’s going on around the world. This week they put together a set of photos called “autumn scenes” that just really bring out the full colors of fall. Definitely take a few minutes to browse through these beautiful images.

DO: Get Out and See Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D!
We went last weekend and it was well worth it! Both movies are fabulous and are pretty much becoming Disney classics, and the way Disney has put together the whole two film thing is great. We’re talking two movies for the price of one! The glasses are comfy (and will fit over any regular glasses) and the films are hilarious — even if it’s your third or fourth time seeing them. We had the luxury of seeing them at the ArcLight theater (I even got a hot dog delivered to my seat), but if you don’t have one of those nearby I’m sure your favorite theater will do. There’s only 6 days left to see em’ so hurry up!


Number Five is Alive!

Johnny 5
Oh man, this could easily be some of the best news I have heard in months. I got an email this morning from my wife letting me know that my favorite movie of all time — “Short Circuit” — is getting picked up by Dimension Films and they are going to remake it! Now, let’s not get crazy — I’m not exactly sure how I feel about a remake. I was honestly looking forward to a third film, a final chapter in the life of the now solid gold Johnny 5 who became an American citizen at the end of the second movie. But never mind that for now, I’m just happy to see your favorite robot and mine returning to the big screen. Oh, and one more thing — let’s not forget what I said about Disney’s Wall-E looking strikingly similar to our good friend Johnny 5. I guess there’s nothing new under the sun.

You can read all about the new movie here.

P.S. If you are looking for further proof of my love for this movie be sure and see my movie list… just look at #1.