The Life Story Of A Man I Drove To A Coffee Shop

Yesterday I was coming home from work and a guy on the side of the road flagged me down while I was waiting to make a right turn. Hesitant, I didn’t want to roll my window down at first to allow him to talk to me. Now, it’s not like my car has automatic windows either. Anyways, after I finally leaned over my passanger seat and rolled the window down a crack, the man asked if I could take him only a mile and a half down the road. Upon quick consdiration (it’s amazing the light didn’t turn green yet), I said, “Suuuuure.”

He was a nice guy and his name was Dan. He promised me he wasn’t a crazy person and just needed a ride, which of course is reason to believe that someone is a crazy person, but that is beside the point. Yet in the maybe 3.5 minutes he was in my car I learned that he had been married at age 21, divorced when he found out she was cheating on him, and then remarried to which he said that woman had died after having 2 kids with him. He told me he is now a granfather to 2 children. Really, this is all the truth and not doctered in any way. Maybe you’re wondering what he needed a ride for? Well, it turns out his car was getting repaired at a local shop and until they got it fixed he would be walking. Long story short, I dropped him off in front of the repair shop and he was on his way and so was I.

So, what’s the moral of the story. I guess it’s that you can pick up people on the side of the road sometimes. I’m not saying we should start vanpools for picking people up, but I am saying that I took a little bit of a risk, and it worked to a blessing to someone. He didn’t shoot me, so that’s a bonus. He didn’t knife me, so that saved me some grief. Instead, he just had a conversation with me, like a man in the market would if I was checking out at the grocery store. I guess that’s all.

By Shay

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I have a similar story. I am amazed how much the media has made harmless people to be monsters. It has got to a point where everyone is a suspect thanks to CSI and Law and Order. I am not saying that you should pick everyone up but sometimes those who look rough and dirty need a hand once in a while just as well as the business person on the side of the road because their SUV has a flat. Discretion is encouraged in the Bible for good reason, however, notice how many more times there are instances of people helping strangers regardless of what they look like. All this to say, good job Shay. Who knows maybe you’ll find this business person on the side of the road one day and will give me a ride.

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