Breathe In, Breathe Out, Breath In…

post-itnote.jpgListening to Bush right now. No, not the president. The band. Did you forget who they were? I sure hope not. “Got a machinehead better than the rest..” - Gavin Rosdell.

It’s been a long day. Opened at Starbucks this morning, I really don’t like getting up at 4am. It’s early. I’m sure if Gavin worked at Starbucks for any amount of time we would have heard a song about getting up early. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we just have to get up early, even though we hate it. Don’t you hate that?

I’m sitting in my winter session class right now. It hasn’t even started and I already want to go. It’s nothing against the class I’m just not feeling it right now, I need sleep.

I hear the most humorous stories at work sometimes. For instance, this one lady told the person taking her money that her dog had seizers. How did she have time to tell her about that? I just don’t tell the person making my coffee everything, but this lady sure did. It still makes me laugh to think about. I should probably get started on my class. You kids have a good night.

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Hey shay. I just remembered this…it has nothing to do with your blog. after your wedding i left my Kelly Clarkson CD in Bethany’s parents car. Maybe you happened to grab it?? if not, no worries. I hope her parents enjoy it. Sounds like the married life awesome. C ya.

Sleep!! yeah thats something you need…..i hope your feeling better. Hows Bethany feeling. Oh my cheese!!! Camp is on Friday!!! Im so excited i cant wait to hear you do music again! Ill pray you feel 100% for the weekend…and much after but especially the weekend! But hey okay i was gonna refer to a couple posts ago about the chuck norris thing or however you spell his name. So i read it right and thought it was funny and the next thing i know Everyone and their mom at school knows them!! You know the song by Relient k that goes “This week was the trend….to memorize all the chuck norris thingers.” Yeah lol made that last part up. Anywho i think of you every time someone says them!
See ya Friday!!

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