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Hawaii – A Wider Perspective

I think I’ve been a little inspired lately by Jeff Bridges panoramic photos, because for no reason at all I took a bunch of panoramics while we were in Hawaii two weeks ago. And by “a bunch”, I really mean four. Most of these are straight out of the camera, and just stitched together in Photoshop. I’ve added descriptions below each image, and if you want to see the image larger you can just click the photo which will redirect you to my Flickr.

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii
This is in Hananuma Baby. I love the couple in the bottom left getting the classic tourist shot. Everyone in our car was cracking up because the woman kept changing her poses. And we all know it’s the pose that counts.

Hawaii Panoramic
This was just beyond Hanauma Bay. Absolutely stunning to see how blue the water was and to feel the warm wind coming off the water. The power of the waves crashing against the rocks was amazing.

Pearl Harbor Panoramic
This is Pearl Harbor. I shot this from the USS Arizona Memorial center that is across the water from the actual sunken ship. I love American history and this is a must see for any one interested in the subject. Somber place, but the beginning of a long and necessary war. If you look closely, the USS Arizona Memorial is just left of the middle of the image, on the water line (it’s the little white building on the water).

Last but not least, Waikīkī. The famous beach is just as beautiful as people had described it and Bethany and I enjoyed some Starbucks and walked along the water. This particular shot has about 15 photos from left to right.

Family Personal Photography

A Wife and a Wave

I shot another wedding in San Diego this weekend and since were making the trek down there we figured we would make a weekend of it. After spending some time at our favorite Seaport Village, we took in some of the ocean scene in La Jolla. It was actually kind of nice to just drive up to the edge of the water, park the car, and sit around on the huge rocks and take some snap shots. I know many other photographers feel this way, but I definitely don’t do enough pleasure photography. We’re taking the week off to be with family, so maybe I’ll have some more time this week. Anyways, here’s a few shots from our time (captions below the photos):

A Wife and a Wave
This is my bride. Though I was shooting a wedding, we were also celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary this weekend. If you’re wondering, she’s about 22 weeks pregnant with our first born.

Stay Classy California
Ahhh… Christmas in California. Side note: it was seriously 75 degrees when I took this photo. 75. In the middle of December.

It’s always hard to for me to take pictures of guys surfing because I prefer shots of them when the photographer is in the water with them. Shooting from the shore just doesn’t do that sport justice.

Between a Rock
There were about 9 surfers out while we were there and they were catching some great waves. I caught this guy as he was heading out of the water. I felt like the rocks framed him from where I was standing.

Waving Goodbye
There was a great spot where the waves would flow right up in a huge break in the rocks. I just love the power and beauty of the ocean.

Bethany had her camera out too — she’s cute.

Me vs Everything
This is one that Bethany took of me while I was shooting the waves crashing up against the rocks. Initially I was shooting with tight, telephoto lens, but I realized quickly I got much better results from a super wide lens.

Take the Hill
Here’s the angle that I was shooting from in the photo above. I don’t believe it’s the same wave that Bethany shot, but I just loved how this one turned out. I shot it with my super wide lens.

Don't Feed the Birds
Though I love this shot, it doesn’t do justice to what was actually going on when I took it. Bethany and I, and another couple that were walking on the boardwalk were basically running and covering our heads because a TON of seagulls were flocking around this lady that was feeding them. We thought for sure we were moving targets.