The Schoolyard Says It All

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I spent some time in my hometown today. I saw my friends from Dizmas (pictured left). My friend Zach and I spent some time reminiscing about our days in elementary through high school. They happened to be practicing at our old school so Zach and I walked around and talked about everything we remember from playing kick the can to where Zach started dating a girl 6th grade. It was a good time.

Whenever I take a trip down memory lane it always makes me laugh. Life used to be so simple, but everything still seemed so intense. Everything seemed so big. After relaxing in the play area today I realized how small it all seemed to me now. It was weird, but it was good for me. You never want to forget your roots. When you forget the people who helped you, who cared for you, who wanted to see you succeed, if you forget those people, then you have committed a great crime. It’s the crime of pride. You haven’t gotten where you are today on your own. Someone helped you, someone helped shape you. Whether it’s a teacher, friend, parent, friend’s parent, or even a schoolyard bully, they have all in been apart of shaping who you are today. I am the Shay of today because an amazing group of people (too long to list them) came alongside me and challenged me in my daily life. They also encouraged me when I needed it. They were there for me. If you have the chance to go back to schoolyard you grew up in, I would highly recommend it. It’s a great time of reflection and reminiscing which should be treasured in your later years.

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