Third Floor. The Emmy’s Please

Saw this elevator the other day in a parking garage. Elevators are fun.

I’ve been watching the Emmy’s tonight which I wouldn’t normally do, but Conan O’Brien was hosting it. Really, it’s that and the fact that I’m obsessed with 24. I even listed them as my top 2 favorite TV shows on my listography. [see it here]
TwentyFour (24) has taken 5 Emmy’s and I’m stoked. They deserve every single one. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, you have about 4800 minutes of film to watch. It’s some of the best television you will watch. Just trust me. I love the hype. They aren’t even starting the 6th season until January 07. Genius, pure genius. I also wanted to note that The Amazing Race won it’s 4th Emmy over American Idol. It’s a great day for the Emmy’s and for my personal favorites! OK, that’s enough about Hollywood.

I’m enjoying some ice cream at the moment and getting ready to go to bed. Big day tomorrow (it being Monday and all). I’m off to bed.

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