Post-It Notes Are My Palm Pilot

Everyday I find that instead of having a Palm Pilot, I have Post-It notes. I wonder if other people are into that. I mean, the Post-It note is like the classic way to write down things we’re not supposed to forget. Quite honestly, if I was going to make a prediction, it would be that with the advancement of technology at the rate it is, and the fact that things like VHS and tape players are becoming obsolete, that even though this is all happening, the Post-It note will prevail. It will prevail only because of usefulness in the home, workplace, and education. My compliments to Spencer Silver who invented this wonderful piece of paper. On another “note” (haha), I’m taking a digital photography class right now. I’m doing my best to bring out the “cam” in shaycam. Really, I like this class and I think everyone here at will enjoy what comes about because of my involvement in this class. cigs.jpgHere’s a pic I took the other day. The subject we were supposed to shoot was “public.” Tell me what you think. I thought the picture really brought out the look and feel of an ashtray, but maybe you guys won’t feel the same? I just want to make sure that everyone knows that this really is the closest I have ever been to cigarette, and I’m not a smoker. Smoking, it’s not for me, I think it’s gross, but people do it.

I guess that’s all from me today. Got a sore throat this morning and I’m not into that. And remember, when your battery dies on your palm, your cell phone loses all it’s bars, your GPS can’t connect to the satellite, and your laptop keeps coming up with a blue screen… your Post-It note will still be stuck to your chosen location for quick memory access.

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Hi! Hey any news on the job front? Coby is really ready to get going on some lessons. Have to give you guys a call, some changes happenning soon for us and want to keep you afloat. could use some prayer for what is to come. Have Bethany give me a call when she has a chance or hey since you guys have a couple of movies you could come by for a visit and a chat! ;)



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