Pardon Me

I kind of wish this was my field.

Not that I really want the job of taking care of it all and making sure it stays straight and nice, but I want its beauty. It’s kind of like I want it outside my bedroom window. You know what I mean. Like waking up and seeing the ocean, that’s sort of what this is like. Maybe it’s just me.

So pardon me.. I’ve been gone for a while. Maybe too long. I’ve learned some stuff though, you gotta give me that. You think it’ll ever stop, you know, the whole learning thing. It’s not like we get up everyday thinking, “.. I wish I could learn something new and exciting..”No, we just get up, do what we know is normal (ie. shower, get dressed, go to work, see some stuff, get pajamas on, go to bed). But I must say, I’ve been learning some amazing things. Whether it be life, business, art, etc. my life is a learning process.

For instance, I learned that you can be the “middle man” in business and make money. I learned that gas is really expensive these days. I learned that sleeping 10 hours for two days is probably not healthy. I’ve learned that there are some things we just can’t do. I don’t know, they might seem dumb to you, but I learned them.

I guess I’m rambling. Right now I can hear the sirens outside. Probably and ambulance or police car on their way to help someone. I mean, those guys never stop. It’s not like they close for the holidays or their hours are 9-5. Nope, it doesn’t work like that. We have to remember that people still get hurt, sick, punched, kicked, driven in to even after we go to bed. On the subject, I saw a car the other day that had flipped off the edge of the freeway, that was intense. My fianced was telling me she saw a semi truck run right into the side of car and it literally made the car look like an accordian against the curb.

Well.. off to bed. I hope you don’t get sick. I fear I might get sick soon. My schedule is going to change in about a week, and I’m a little nervous about change sometimes. Especially when it involves 18 units, minimum sleep, and just reading things that I wouldn’t normally desire to read (.. if you didn’t get that, I’m talking about college. Ok. I’m spent.

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hey shay
Thats a beautiful field…that would be wonderful to wake up to every morning! Have fun visting your parents this weekend and im praying for you!

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