We Took The 405

I walked barefoot to my car today. It was probably somewhere around 100 steps to get there from where I am living. It was kind of fun. You see, I left my sandals in my car, so I just figured instead of taking the time to put shoes on, I would just walk barefoot until I got my sandals. It makes sense.

Secondly, I bit my lip twice yesterday. Yeah, and they were both within a minute of each other. I have a theory. When you bite your lip the first time it swells a little bit, then you end up biting it again shortly thereafter because it’s bigger than normal. grr.. it hurt. And then worse yet.. I bit through my tongue today. It was bleeding for about 6 minutes and I finally got it to stop. It still hurts.

Anyways, welcome to June. It’s a good month. I was born in June. Do you know the day?

Tonight I had a rockin’ time with Bethany. It was seriously great. Our pastor gave us the night off from youth ministry so we could go on a date. Oh man. We went down to The Cheesecake Factory had great food! We had these Buffalo Blasts that were amazing! Then we drove down to the 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica. Oh snap, it was freakin’ tight. We went to the Hear Music Starbucks that is down there. If you haven’t heard of that its basically a music store inside of Starbucks. But you can create your own CD’s in the store, which is what we did. But what we didn’t know is when you create your own CD and have it burned, they print you your own cover and everything. Oh it was rockin’.. We chose 6 songs for ours and entitled it “We Took The 405”. It was rad, they even printed the title on the CD and the cover that comes with it; totally professional. I loved it. We had some Pedro the Lion, Ben Folds, Death Cab For Cutie, etc. Loved every second of it.

I guess that’s all for now. Make sure you check out, you never know, you might like it.

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Oh sweetness shay! that sounds like so much fun! well I hope all is well and i’ll see ya tomorow at church! ttyl

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