Rain: Like Running Through The Sprinklers In Our Clothes

“This is Shay Thomason reporting live on StormWatch 2005.”
stormwatch01.jpgSo.. you’ve all heard about these crazy storms we’ve been having in southern cali. it’s been so awesome. I have never seen so much water in my entire life. If I wasn’t so worried about my camera getting soaked I would try to get a picture in the rain. But I don’t have an umbrella. I’m a SoCal kid, we don’t carry umbrellas with us.

Anyways, I captured this picture with my camera when there was a cloud break. A few minutes later it started to rain and be sunny at the same time. it was great. also, I just got back from my parents house. when I was driving back the rain was so crazy. I seriously thought the 210 freeway was a river. no joke, this thing was nuts. then when we got to the 5 freeway, it was a lake. as of right now I’m sitting in my room and I hear the rain pounding on the roof and I love it. I love rain. rain rain on my face. I love it. ok, time for bed for me. hopefully they will cancel classes tomorrow. now I know what you’re thinking “Shay, you don’t have class tomorrow, it’s Presidents day.” well.. I’ve already thought of that, but we DO have class. we don’t take that holiday off. but, maybe God will give it to us anyways. ok peace out.

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yah, sad times… I have class today as well. We don’t get President’s Day off, they have given us Cesar Chavez Day off instead.

“…my world is a flood, slowly I become one with the mud…”

So is the AV one big mud puddle now? I’m amazed at how much rain we’ve been getting back home, it’s crazy!

Hey Shay! Im sooo sorry that you had to go to school!!! Well anyways, see you Saturday at Camp!!!!!! It is gonna b soooooo kewl! Later!
-Lindsey Richardson

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LOL sorry i had to put in reviews…there always fun to read so i thought id meake my own for your site…lol…sorry if you dont like them… no rain in a week!!!! crazy! ne way see ya on wed.

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