“Smart People Disagree”

that’s what my philosophy professor said today. I thought it was so counter what we were learning and that it was great! “Smart People Disagree.” Talk about an understatement. He was being very serious when he said it, and it makes me laugh. that’s all.

how’s your valentines day? I’ve had kind of a rough day. Wish I could go back and start over, but that’s life I guess. wish sometimes I would just close my mouth. that’s all I can handle for one post. hope your dates go well.

By Shay

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Valentines was nice, I got to leave the res halls for a night and just be with Liz back home. She had to close at her work, so I came over with some homecooked food and we ate, then we went out and saw Hitch. We had our good quality time together because she came down for the weekend, so we went out to dinner here at such, so Valentine’s day itself was a little subdued. And yah, it’s hard to just not talk sometimes, the tongue IS the hardest to tame.

I think one of the best things that a prof has said so far was in my Physics of Art class. We were talking about visual perception and how our eyes view the world around us. He goes through the whole lenses of the eye, the retina, the rods and cones, and the optic nerve. Then he just says, “And then a miracle happens and we can interpret this image as a tree or a person.” How great that even a physics professor can’t really grasp the wonder of creation.

They do.
I completely understand, and agree to that statement.
Anywho, Shay, you’re a cool kid, and I like you.
Peace out.

hey what up shay!
its matt lussier here… i come to your website all the time and ive never left a comment… sorry
yeah as for valentines day…
i like to refer to it the same way my math teacher does… “Happy Single’s Awarness Day”
at this point in time girls are an interst but i cant let them get in between my relationship with me and God

aight lata sherman
(lol…so kewl)

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