November 20th, 2003 1:53AM

Ok, so that was kinda sucky.

I mean seriously, get this: I’m using my laptop, just doing my thing right? And then… my screen starts buggin’ out on me. It was weird. It would go all “old-film” style and I wasn’t able to see anything on my screen. So I call Dell right. I have like this 3 year plan or something and they will fix anything on it for me. Well, after about 2 1/2 hours of trouble shooting the final decision is that I’m going to send it in. So.. what do I do. I send it in. My laptop is shipped via airline to Tennesee. I was assured that it would be back in my hands within 8-12 days as they were going to replace my LCD Disply. So then what happens you might ask.. well, good ol’ Dell sends my computer back to the address of the purchaser which was my grandma. So now my computer is in Arizona… *Shay takes a deep breath*… so then my parents go (by go I mean drive 3 1/2 hours) to my grandma’s house and pick it up. Then my dad drives it down to work with him and on the way stops and gives it to me..aww.. sounds good right!?? BUT WAIT! There’s MOOORE!!..

As soon as I got my computer back I brought it back to my apartment and then I opened it up to use it. After about 20 minutes the screen starts FLASHING!! It was crazy! It wouldn’t stop. So, frusterated and annoyed I called Dell that same day. And once again after about an hour conversation with some indian dude in, Yes, India.. I have to send it back again! Long story short. They sent it back to Arizona after fixing it, again, even though I asked them to change the address. And once again my parents went and go it for me and now here I am. Wow. How about all that jazz?!

I have such cool parents..


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