October 3rd, 2003 11:38PM

I just got back from. I’ve closed for 3 days straight. Tomorrow, I work at 11:00.. I gotta figure my life out. haha.. just kidding about the life stuff.. so anyways, I thought this picture really captured that. Plus I think that’s the best caption I’ve had yet.

So today my friends William came down. We had a good time. Lovin’ life. It was cool. Uh?.. my girlfriend flew to Texas a few days ago, that’s weird. Her friend Megan thought it was a good idea to have her flew out of the farthest airport on the planet. I didn’t think it was a really good idea, but I think I’ll just try be as objective about my comments as possible. :). Anyways, I wasn’t really planning on this being a very long journal so, goodnight.


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