April 9, 2002 9:21 P.M.

I wrote something today. I was sitting in government and I started feeling a little depressed. So I thought I’d better grab a pen and start writing. It’s not really about anything at all, and you guys might not even care, but here goes:

“I just feel like writing. No rhyme or reason, except for the fact that I am broken. And I find peace in the ink of this pen. The simple thought that I am capable of allowing my mind to finish what it has started right here. I have eyes, I can see what’s going on here. No talk, no look; what’s wrong with me? There is a song that won’t go away, not to mention the future I’m building up in my head. A tear could enter now, and it wouldn’t be awkward. Still my stomach turns, but you don’t know. Maybe you can’t get two out of three? It’s hard to explain. Maybe I’ll feel better if I spent some time alone today. But that’s no what a man’s heart wants. I’d rather lie down, sit and think that continue to listen to this commotion. This is a freakin’ movie. It’s stupid! Why am I stuck in my younger years.”

Not sure what it all means, but I was just writing. A few hours later I found myself at the “Holiday Skating Rink.” You see, we had this “skate-a-thon” thingy, it’s really weird. But the whole school goes over to this really 80’s skating rink and we chill there for a few hours. I’ve been sick, so I didn’t have the greatest time. But it really wasn’t that bad. Had some good conversations with some friends.

Ok, well, I need to go work on my economics assignment. I think I’m done. Send me some email. I like to hear from everyone. Bye now.


April 8, 2002 10:49 P.M.

“.. I am whore I do confess, I put you on just like a wedding dress and I, run down the aisle.. ” - Derek Webb

I am listening to the song above from the guy from Caedmon’s Call. The lyrics you are seeing are simply what he says at the beginning of the chorus. They are amazing. I just thought I’d share that with you. That song should be coming out on a CD sometime in the near future, hopefully I’ll be able to pick that up.

Well, here I am. Today has been a normal day, just relaxing. Went to school, that was just a day at school. I was thinking about doing better in my English class. Some days are not as good as others, but I have been trying harder the last few days and have some pretty good results. I know you really don’t care about that, but I just write. You read it, not me. If any of you didn’t know I am this play and I have the role of this stuck-up cowboy. He’s great, and tonight we had play practice. I liked it, it was fun.

I am in a calm mood because I am listening to this song over and over..

If you wanted to know that picture is of… it’s a Chihuahua puppy. He’s about 6 weeks old and the size of my hand. He’s awesome. Some people that I know hate Chihuahua’s, but I don’t see anything wrong with them. I think I’ll go read my Bible now.


April 6, 2002 11:28 P.M.

That’s weird. Because if you look at my last journal. The time was “11:29PM” and now it’s “11:28PM” weird eh? I know I know.. I’m cool! BUT WHO CARES!?!?! HEHE

OH MAN! I’m in such a good mood. (which explains this journals pic >>>)It’s really hard to explain. Things just keep coming at me and they’re great. Like today, I was able to go to this concert that I thought was not really going to be that great because I was just going to be seeing a bunch of bands I had already seen, and holy crap was I wrong! IT WAS AMAZING! The lead singer from a band called Caedmon’s Call played and I don’t know how to explain this, BUT IT WAS FREAKIN’ BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. Oh man, really cool. And things are just looking up for me. I LOVE IT! I AM REAAAAAAAALLLYYYY EXCITED!!!!!!

Really, I am. It’s not a joke. And it’s not something I can really explain right now. But maybe I will some time. At a later date. And just a thought, but; I love God. God is doing awesome things. He works. If you have questions about that. Feel free to email me. Now go to bed, or school, or work, or outside, or up, or down, or there, or in the kitchen. Do something with your life, cause if you’re just sitting here looking at these pics of me, you won’t be fulfilled. I can’t do that sort of thing! But when you go, don’t forget me. Come back in a couple of days and read my next post. It’ll be good, just like every other post. I think? :)


April 4, 2002 11:29 P.M.

I got this letter in the mail for this dance that’s coming up next month and on the back is just a list of things that girls can and can’t wear. And to be more specific, they just drew the pictures on the back of the information paper. I thought it was funny, but whatever.

I gotta tell ya, senioritis has really freakin’ kicked in to gear. I can’t even go day in school without thinking about how pointless it is to be there. It’s kind of weird, I am feeling kind of weird right now. I need to go to bed, but I also just want to post more and more information on to this site. People keep popping up on my screen here wanting to chat, but I am finding my way back here just to tell you that.. ok, that’s confusing. But what isn’t anymore.

I’m kind of tired. I am going to the Getty museum tomorrow, that should be fun. I am feeding someone’s dog for them while they are gone. night.


P.S. I make no mistakes.. haha.. if you think there is a mistake in the writing, then it’s meant to be there.

April 2, 2002 9:13 P.M.

I just had some sort of weird moment. I was just thinking that I had something important to say to everyone. And I really think that-that pic on my right is really setting the mood. I entitled that pic (spelling is incorrect for a reason) “thru new I’s.” It makes sense to me. I really don’t wear glasses. They are just something that I think make me look different. Which is kind of funny considering I changed my hair and all that jazz, but anyway.

I don’t know. “Thru New I’s.” Sounds kind of selfish I know. But I think it really makes sense. So I can take the focus off of me. It’s not about me. Now, I understand that this site is a little one-sided considering the fact that it is all about me, but I am not referring to that. I thinking about what place I am in this life. For those who don’t know me, I am Christian and with such I have a different purpose on this earth. And I was just working on my bible report and it got me thinking. Not sure what exactly I have to say, just writing. You know how that goes. But I hope you kids can really get a feel of who I am. I am Shay. Yeah, S-H-A-Y; Shay! ok?.. just getting that cleared up! haha.. that was weird.. but what isn’t weird on this site o’ mine. Get a life shay.

By the way. I am thinking of adding some Shaycam merchandise. What do you kids think? Send me email. Let me know. Oh, and that’s going to cost money. So send me money. :) bye kids.