April 2, 2002 9:13 P.M.

I just had some sort of weird moment. I was just thinking that I had something important to say to everyone. And I really think that-that pic on my right is really setting the mood. I entitled that pic (spelling is incorrect for a reason) “thru new I’s.” It makes sense to me. I really don’t wear glasses. They are just something that I think make me look different. Which is kind of funny considering I changed my hair and all that jazz, but anyway.

I don’t know. “Thru New I’s.” Sounds kind of selfish I know. But I think it really makes sense. So I can take the focus off of me. It’s not about me. Now, I understand that this site is a little one-sided considering the fact that it is all about me, but I am not referring to that. I thinking about what place I am in this life. For those who don’t know me, I am Christian and with such I have a different purpose on this earth. And I was just working on my bible report and it got me thinking. Not sure what exactly I have to say, just writing. You know how that goes. But I hope you kids can really get a feel of who I am. I am Shay. Yeah, S-H-A-Y; Shay! ok?.. just getting that cleared up! haha.. that was weird.. but what isn’t weird on this site o’ mine. Get a life shay.

By the way. I am thinking of adding some Shaycam merchandise. What do you kids think? Send me email. Let me know. Oh, and that’s going to cost money. So send me money. :) bye kids.


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