Jeff Bridges’ Photos Are Neat

I’m sure you’ve heard of the actor Jeff Bridges. Many know him as the “The Dude” from his 1998 role in The Big Lebowski, and more recently he’s been in Iron Man, TRON, and True Grit (which he’s been nominated for an Academy Award in). His film history as an actor is actually pretty extensive, and though I haven’t seen many of his movies, I have seen him on interviews and SNL and he seems like a cool guy.

But what many people don’t know (myself included) is that “The Dude” is a pretty good photographer. I was shocked today to come across some of his work and see that he’s got some excellent shots, all of which he gets using a Widelux camera and black and white film. According to his Web site, he started shooting back in high school, but for the past 16 films he’s done he’s taken his Widelux camera with him on set during filming. Once the movie is done being made, he puts together private photo books for all the cast and crew as a gift. Very cool idea, and these photos are just fun. Check out a few of his shots below and click on the photos to view the book they come from.

photo by Jeff Bridges

Can’t get enough of this style? Check out Jeff Bridge’s site for more of his work.

Flickr also has loads up Widelux shots (click to search). Below are some Widelux landscapes that are just fabulous:

10 Month Titus

Oh Valentine

Just Because Photos

I spend way too much time looking at photography, but not enough time shooting. I’m working hard to change that, and I figured I would start in my own home. These are my just-because-I-can-photos of my family from the past two nights. Bethany has been making pretty things and Titus has been trying to eat them, so I guess it’s been a pretty normal couple of evenings.

Also, I’m realizing more and more that I’m still learning how to use my camera…hard to explain, but it’s true. For you photo nerds, I shot all of these with my 16-35mm f/2.8 and I plan on shooting with it a lot more often. There’s something right about the 35mm — it’s a classic and I think I need to trust it more. But more on that later…on to the photos!

Baby Kid
Feed Me Mommy
The World On A String

Form and Function

Some shots I got today from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles