August 2, 2001


Today has been a weird day for me. Starting to figure stuff out. I went to work (Best Buy) and have been sick for the last 2 days. It sucks like some summer cold or something. But I went to work and hated it. I hate work, work is dumb. Today, I hate work. I got a call from one of the others guys and he asked if I wanted some extra hours, and without thinking I told him “yeah, sure, no problem!” and then realized later that-that would make me have like a ton more hours tomorrow and I don’t want that, but I told him Yes and now I’m sick, and stuck with it. I hate work.

I’m going to bed.


July 24th 2001

Sorry about not posting the last couple of days. My server, Qnet, had some problems yesterday and I couldn’t upload any good posting information for the user enjoyment and the accesability of this site. That last sentence is a masterpiece.

So, I went and saw two movies today. I saw America’s Sweethearts and A Knight’s Tale (for the third time). uh.. that’s all I have to say about that.

I think it’s interesting that with the new addition of this journal I have seen a significant increase in the traffic of my site. In fact, it’s doubled. Yes, that’s right 50% more people have found their way to the shaycam. Instead of 1 person, we now have a total of 2, count em’, 2 people checking out the site on a weekly basis.

As for the picture at the right, Josh and I spent numerous hours finding the many faces shaycam can take on. There is now a new gallery and you can see it here. Ok?.. wow.. that’ll be all.


July 21st 2001

I don’t think any of you noticed my cam last night, but it was on all night and it was pointing to this guy to my right, Josh Kleven. The pictures you are currently gazing upon is him still sleeping at 11:17AM on the floor of my room. But the funny part about this whole situation is the fact that I left the house about 7:45AM because I was going to the beach with my youth group. . ahh.. so anyway. That was interesting.

The beauties of summer. I think we all should consider how wonderful it is to be able to be like Josh and wake up at, well let me just throw out a number, 11:17 maybe, during the summer hours. That’s all I have to say about that..

As far as the beach goes, I went to Zuma Beach. My youth pastor Chris got his directions from a guy named Pete, and we all know how that can go. Let’s just say we went about 30 miles in the complete opposite direction of where we needed to be. After arriving over an hour late, the water was just as cold as it would have been had we have made the correct turns towards are final destination.

The beach did not inflict any pain (sunburn) upon my body so that was a good deal. So, all is well in the life of Shay. I work tomorrow :(


July 21st Continued..

I had to continue with this post because I had some really important stuff to talk about.

Last week I was informed of 17 year guitar player of a band called “Rock and Roll Worship Circus” being badly injured in a cliff jumping accident. I was asked to pray for him and did so as soon as I found out. As I have been checking their webstie and searching around for the news of his condition (because the news I had up until’ then said that he was in critical condition) I finally found the REAL story. Their website posted the entire story of his amazing trial. As I was reading this article.. (Please read the article) I began to cry right here at this very computer because through this young man’s story, you can see God’s mercy and his love for his servant’s. As I cried I realized how small I am to my God and my Savior and how much power he has. God is good!

July 20th 2001

It’s 3:10 in the morning and I’m up. For no good reason I am here, just living and breathing like I have been for just about the last 20 hours. My good friend Josh Kleven is up too. He’s awake and dreaming and thinking that he’s chatting with me. It’s all confusing when you’re this tired, but can’t sleep. He delivers pizza. I sell service plans. goodnight. see you in the morning.

You know, on second thought I think I’ll just stay up and write a bit. I find that I’m really tired and not feeling too well, but staying here with you people, or just me, I’m not really sure, would be exciting and exhilarating.

But it is kind of late and I really need to get to sleep so, bye for good. Be back later today.

July 20th continued..

Hey, I’m back. I’ve been wandering around the past few hours thinking of what my life was like when I had something to do or someone to go see. So I went and bought some ice cream for me and my girl and took it to her house. It was rockin’.. but in the middle of all this “life” I was fulfilling, I took inventory on my mp3’s.. here’s a current list of my mp3’s as of July 20th, 2001. It’s crazy. I’m always updating it and making it better.. take a look.. CURRENT MP3 LIST


Today I am bringing you the new and improved shaycam site. It’s been an excellent journey along the cam “road” and I hope that you will join me with a new look to the site that I am calling “Shaycam2.”

I will periodically be updating this journal with information about my daily life and what’s going on around the cam. Also I’ll try to put a few special cam pictures on here. Check here daily for any new posts I might add. ok.. peace out.

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