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It’s simply because I love my wife that I’m writing today about Shutterfly’s Christmas stuff. And since I know you were just thinking, “Hey, I wonder what company Shay uses to get all his Christmas cards and photo books?” — I have the perfect solution: Shutterfly.

A few months backs Bethany got a little coupon or something for a Shutterfly photo book and so we decided to create one of our son Titus. As a photographer and a designer, I’m always a little skeptical to venture out using some kind of propriety software to create photo books or any photo gift, especially from a mainstream company like Shutterfly. Normally, I would just get my prints done from a professional photo house and then create my book in professional software like InDesign, but since we had the coupon, I figured we could check out what Shutterfly had to offer. To my surprise, their stuff was pretty well done. The software they provided to create the book was user-friendly, the designs for the book were modern and up-to-date, and the options were endless for your book. Everything from the front to back cover, including the book spine, were customizable and we actually had a lot of fun making it. We created a “0-4 months of Titus” book and plan on doing more in the future.

So if you’re looking for my stamp of approval (and I know you were), then I can honestly say we have been satisfied with Shutterfly’s products, at least the photo book. They’re great, simple, inexpensive gifts for parents and grandparents and we like them.

Obviously, they don’t just do photo books. They’ve got everything you’d need, and here’s just a few that you can check out:
Christmas Cards
Photo Mugs (great for the grandparents)
Greeting Cards
And all different kinds of photo gifts

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