Where I’ve Never Lived

Can I Come?
Oh Seattle, you seem so fitting
Oh Seattle, “The Emerald City”
The place where I should be today
Over water and under rain

Oh Seattle, home to some
Oh Seattle, can I come?
To hear your people as they sing
To see something I’ve never seen

I miss the sky, I miss the days
I simply miss the way it rains
Those clouds, they just don’t bother me
And how I just want some real coffee

California is nice, I know
It has always been my true home
But Oh Seattle, here I sit
Waiting to return, just to take a sip

Let's discuss.
  1. Mike says:

    Boo! Have you been outside the last two days? You don’t deserve to live in Southern California. Maybe you should just move.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We were in Seattle today with Bonnie. I intentionally drove the Alaska Way Viaduct just so we could see Elliot Bay and the statiums and the lights. So pretty. Seattle (and Yakima) is waiting…

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