Backspacing Is Still Erasing

And I wait… for what you might ask? Well, for Comcast to come hook up my $10.00 cable package! haha.. That’s what happens when you don’t have money and you’re poor. I guess being poor and not having money go hand in hand. Then again, on a more a serious note, you could be rich and still be poor. Maybe you could be rich and not have anyone to love, or not have anyone that truly loves you. You see, I might not be rich in dollars, but I am rich in life. I have a wife who loves me, and I love her. I have roof over my head. I have a relationship with Jesus Christ which gives me true life.

The past couple of days have been fun. Bethany and I have been trying to move into our apartment and get everything settled down. It’s good to be back. I’ve been catching up with friends and calling people. The first day back I think I got like 21 phone calls from different people. They must’ve known I was coming home, but I still don’t know why I was getting so many phone calls. No worries.

So what happens if Comcast is late? I was told they would come no later than 10:00am. I have a 10:30 meeting, and I can’t be late. So they better get here. But does it meant that I get my cable free? That would be sweet. Kind of like a pizza delivery. Nevermind. I’m gone, go enjoy your day.

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