Rick, The Doorman

This is Zach and I before I got married. Great pic.

I gotta tell you about Rick. He’s our doorman at the hotel my wife and I are staying at. He’s a good guy. I like him. You know what’s great about Rick? He knows everything. No, seriously. The guy knew my name before I met him. Our friend brought our car to the hotel valet and Rick apparently took care of it. Because when I went back downstairs to get the the car, Rick was like “oh.. yes. Mr. Thomason” And I was like? “..huh?..” It was awesome. Oh man, and just last night I needed direction to the ballet that Bethany and I were going to. So I was about to drive away and I said, “Rick, how do I get to McCaw Hall?” Without hesitation Rick reached into his jacket pocket (which, he wears a really nice doorman outfit), and he said, “OK, you want to get to McCaw Hall..” and he started drawing on this map and gave us the map to use to get there. Consequently, we made the ballet in perfect timing. I’m telling you.. this five-star hotel stuff is great.

Bethany and I have had so much fun. What’s funny is that we have had more fun trying to figure out all this five-star hotel stuff. For instance, we learned what “turn down” service is. At night, they come in and get rid of the top layer of bedding and get the bed ready for sleeping. Second, we learned about “shoe shine service.” We can set my dress shoes outside the door and they will be shined in the morning! Oh man, and we learnd that if we go to the pool area they will give us free bottles of water, bath robes, and individually cleaned apples. No joke, I saw this lady wiping every apple by hand and putting it in this basket. So great.

Enough about the hotel, but if you ever get the time, check one out.

Alright, we’re going to be heading out for dinner, so make sure you shoes are shined and your bed is ready for sleeping! See yah.

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Congratulations Shay! You should really post more pics of the wedding and what not. The shaycam audience is waiting anxiously. Isn’t “married stuff” great? Ya feel me. I know. Me and Val got y’all a wedding gift, so when you get back from the ever ethereal experience that is “the honeymoon,” hit me up. I’ll invite you both right in for tea and scrumpits, and we’ll all play Pictionary or whatever it is that married couples do.

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