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sidebar.jpgthis saturday night I spent some more time at the studio with Zach ( It was seriously a sweet time just hanging out and listening to the new tracks. the new album is seriously going to be unreal. the kids are going to love it. and by kids i mean you. yes, you and you’re family. really.. it’ll be out in April, buy it, love it, live it.

these pictures are a series of pics that I took while I was there. my mind is interesting. I mean, I guess I can say that. It’s my mind. It’s my website. it’s my mind on a website. is comitted to providing you with the best thoughts that come from my mind. and some of those thoughts come from me being a visual learner. so therefore.. my pictures are my mind in a picture. it makes sense to me and if you are still confused then you should really take some time to figure out what kind of learner you are. because maybe you shouldn’t be reading my journals. you should probably figure out how you could be served by listening to my journals instead of reading them. ok that was just a joke, but I am in kind of a weird mood right now.

finals are tomorrow, the next day, and the next day. it’s going to be kind of sucky and kind of not sucky. mainly sucky though. but that’s ok. summers almost here.

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Summer is almost here? Maybe in 6 months. :) And I am starting to wonder when my turn to go into the studio will come around. Maybe they think I am too busy to just kick it for a couple hours - oh well. Do well on your finals Sherman. I found a place that I’m pretty sure that I am going to take but the strife surrounding this situation continues to grow. Oh well on that too. Sorry Shay I know this is your blog that is about you and the thoughts that come your mind that tell us how your mind sees the world and us but ya.

cool shirt sherman! Glad to see you’re having fun and ready for finals to be over. I’m really ready as well, time to be home and see friends and family. What day are you going to be back in the AV?


Shay, this is Tristan, Where are all the pictures?! I would love to see a page in the website just for pictures! thanks for listening, and whatever you do I will support. “I need you so much closer”


You’re right buddy, I need a page full of pics. Let me work on that. Thanks for supporting me. “The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row.”

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