just balanced my checkbook. I sometimes get scared to do it. Because I know I’ve saved all my receipts in my wallet, but I don’t want to be reminded of all the impulse buying I did since I got my paycheck. Starbucks gave us $250 bonuses though. that was nice of them.

biglight.jpganyways this picture is of them filming across from my apartment. I took the pic from my balcony. they were filming “Six Feet Under” and they had this huge light and it made it look like day at night, really crazy. I just figured you kids would enjoy it. You see, I have this friend Tristan who is from Washington. And he always thought Californians met movie stars and surfed everyday. I guess it’s sort of true. well, not really. I just think it’s really funny that he thought that.

did you read my last post. if not, read it. there will be more thoughts later, you’ll see.

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not sure.. I know we had to be there at least a year..oh wait, i remember. because starbucks had a great year last year.. that’s seriously all I know.

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