dizzy.gifI went to doctor again today.. got some meds. Feeling weird. I think it’s all in my head though. But what am I supposed to do when there is a huge label that says “MAY CAUSE YOU TO FEEL REALLY WEIRD!”. I’m kinda thinkin’.. hhm.. that’s weird. No but seriously, he didn’t like the way things looked inside my ear so he gave me some real intense stuff. That’s all.

Tonight I’m going out and doing some street evangelism and that should be cool. I can’t wait. It’s going to be awesome heading out with the high school students in a town that is full of money and wealth, or some might call it idols. These people sometimes feel like they don’t need anything else, but I know that they need a Savior. So I’m gonna go tell them about it.

By Shay

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Shay! Just thought I’d stop in and say hey… saw you had one of these so I thought I’d say hey. Rock and roll!

Sherman I’m telling you let me fix you up. All natural stuff helps the manufactured stuff work better. You know where to find me when you change your mind.

Street Evangelism! Local in SC or in my town SM? Awesome stuff!

I think doctors just give us meds. to ease our minds. Some times they don’t even know if they work. One wensday I went and he said try these pills if they don’t work in ten days come back.Thats great advice, cause you know if I still feel sick im just goin to sit at home and wonder why those pills didn’t work.

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