Something Fun…

coffeeonwall.jpgsomething fun happened today. I bought this frame! and I got these pictures of coffee stuff from my work and then I put it all together and now I have this! isn’t it great.. ok that’s all

anyways.. I think I’ve been feeling better. actually, after I write this blog I am going to try and go to bed a little earlier just to start the week off right you know?.. it’s been a long day. I played drums for all three services in the morning, and also for night service, but it’s been really freakin’ cool.. we’re going through James in the AM, and in the PM we’re going through Matt. 6. So anyways.. learning a ton.. if you think about me write me an email or send me money.. thanks to everyone who has been posting on my site. This is great! I love it! Ok.. peace out.. oh and one more thing. Could you please go to Starbucks tomorrow and buy something.. I really want my new stock to go up! haha.. just jokin’.. bye!

By Shay

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that drummin was hott. especially on nothing but the blood. Dude, that picture is tiiiight…you ever thought of switching your major to home ec? Master’s is one of the few places you can do it, might as well take advantage of it if you’re there

All I have to say is: I love Placerita! Not the road but the church. Ok bye.
p.s. hi shay! :)

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