September 20, 2002 1:11P.M.

Hhm.. 1:11?. that for some reason has this really weird meaning to it. Not sure..

Anyways, so apparently my guestbook is turning in to “.. hey this is where people go to read stuff so I’ll share my opinion on Shay’s site. I can’t say I’m the most happy person about that. In fact, if you want to deal with your problems, then go to the person and deal with it. Don’t sit around at your computers and continue to break fellowship with these people. But seriously guys, come on, my site isn’t about this. My site is for me to share my opinions and thoughts and whatever else I fee like writing. Yeah, go ahead, say hi to me in my guestbook, maybe share something that’s going on in your life, but don’t go over-board.

Sorry, I had to “VENT” a little bit on that one. That’s probably why I picked that picture that you see at your right. It’s just one of those pictures that you would see that would make you go, “what?.” But anyways.. I gotta say, something that I’m not looking forward to is my freakin’ 3 exams on Tuesday, and my other one on Wednesday. I’m seriously not excited about that crap, but I’ll figure something out. I’m working everyday this weekend. uh?.. that’s all. bye.


ps. Maybe I should seriously make a “Dr. Shay” section to help you kids deal with your problems..

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