September 25th, 2001

Ok, today was going kinda slow from the start. I got up at 6:15AM and went to school, you know, the usual. Then I did my best to make it through the Bible video which was actually a rockin’ video, it’s just I was really tired. But most of the day was just plain ole’ tired. After school I came home and checked my email. I’ve been looking at this sweet Tacoma acoustic guitar and I got an email from a company in Florida that said they could give me an awesome price with a hard-case, no tax, no shipping; it was rad. But I figured I’d go see my friend Jimmy who works at the new guitar center here in town. Let’s just say JIMMY HOOKED ME UP! JIMMY YOU ARE THE MAN! It was so sweet! oh man, I love it. This is a lot happier journal then the 21st post. Geeze! It’s great. All I have to do now is get the money and go pick that crap up! peace.


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