September 21st, 2001

what the crap is all that junk?

I’m pissed. No joke. This day has been rockin’ until’ I got like 60 billion pages from my sister wanting my truck so she can move back in to the house with me and my parents. It just pisses me off. She’s freakin’ 19, has like 2 jobs and she needs to move back in to my house and ruin my freakin’ life. Not to say that my life is that special, I’m just saying, it’s the principle of the matter. So anways, I”m going to a show tonight. Zach’s band’s playing. And well, to say the least, there is going to be a lot of people there and it’s going to rock.. but the thing about my sister pisses me off still. I should go take a pic of the freakin’ room and show everyone how much stuff she is bringing in to my life that makes me just want to get pissed off like I am right now.

I’m going to the show soon.


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