We’re All Really Still Teenagers

I’m away today in South San Francisco at a photography lighting conference and I would like to make this observation: adults still act like teenagers. Just let me explain.

I am one of the 700 people here today to learn from an incredible photographer about lighting. But what I’ve learned today has little to do with lighting and a lot to do with the human condition. Maybe I don’t get out much, but already I’ve seen grown men cutting in line, running to their seats, hopping over tables to get a good seat, and rushing to the front for autographs like a 12 year old girl at a Jonas Brother concert. These aren’t the “nerds” you might be thinking of, but normal, white, middle-class American men that probably make six digits selling insurance to your family. One gentlemen in particular has caught my eye as he paces back and forth documenting every piece of equipment on the platform (with his cell phone) while proudly wearing his favorite corporate logo on his tucked-in polo with matching messanger bag. I could be wrong, but I bet we could substitute those logos with “Gap” or “Abercrombie”, throw a pop star on stage, and lower the average age in this room by about 30 years and we could turn this seminar in to a KIIS FM block party bash!

Ok sure, these people (including me) are here to learn and understand more about photography, but to me it has all the makings of a rock concert for adults. So, I guess at our core we’re all really just teenagers. We’re looking for something to love, something to worship, and something to keep the days going from growing dull. I’m not trying to be harsh, I just find the similarities a little weird. Now where’s the merch booth…I gotta get my t-shirt signed.

By Shay

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Very cool update- love the new look. Equally love the post- very well written. I love what you said, “we’re looking for something to love, something to worship, and something to keep the days from growing dull.” Too bad more people don’t know about Jesus (or care) :(

Good observation Shay. Let’s pray that as we look for something to love, that Christ would be that something. He should catch our eye, make us jump over tables so we can worship Him!

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