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America’s Favorite Pastime

“Dad, your Dodgers are pretty good this year,” to which my dad replies, “I haven’t followed baseball since they decided to go on strike!” Well, that may be my dad’s sentiment, but those feelings are definitely not mutual. Baseball’s spring training opens today and I am of course rooting for my home team — the Los Angeles Dodgers. Obviously, no one knows what the season may hold for the Boys in Blue, but we’ll definitely try to make some games this year and cheer them home. If you didn’t know, the Dodgers have a new spring training facility near Phoenix, AZ (click for pics) and I’m sure many from the L.A. area are going to make the rather short 5 hour trip for a few weekend games. But in honor of today’s events, I figured a few pics from America’s favorite pastime would be appropriate. These photos — along with the above photo — come to us straight from the Library of Congress’ Flickr account and should suffice for getting us all in the baseball spirit:

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