Make Face Time

Bethany and I saw this commercial tonight and we both dug it. After looking for the video I checked out and was shocked to see their “3-minute Website.” From the opening to the site:

    Welcome to the 3-minute Website. You have 3 minutes.
    After that, the site shuts down. We’ve got nothing against the Internet, but when people are surfing the Web, they’re missing the best part of life — being together.

    That’s why we created the first website devoted to helping people spend less time online and more time with each other. For starters, we’ve allocated just enough time to browse every link, but not a second more. So enjoy your three minutes, then get out there and make face time. Chop Chop. Time starts now.

I used my 3 minutes watching emoticons be destroyed — it was fun. Now I’m going to go watch TV with my wife. Well done Dentyne, you’ve got class.

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