Kentucky In Photos (with commentary)

As I stated in my previous post, I just got back from six days in Kentucky visiting my parents. I figured these photos would help give greater understanding to my time there (my commentary can be found below every photo):

Swim Swan
We visited many state parks in Kentucky and just spent some time walking three of my parent’s Chihuahua’s. One such park had these beautiful swan who were quite “majestic” as my dad called them and I spent a few minutes trying to capture their beauty. I think we counted a total of 17 or 18 of them just relaxing on the water.

The Wifey and the Chihuahuas
That’s Bethany and the Chihuahua’s I mentioned before. She held Gemi (far right, prounounced “Jemy”) while I took this shot. We really wanted to bring Jeter (far left) home with us, but we couldn’t figure out how to justify the “no dog” policy at our apartment building. But let’s just say that we’re in the market for a new apartment…one, say…dog friendly? Oh, and that’s Sadie in the middle — she is the “terror” as my dad says.

Saftey Belt or Buckle Up
Yes — that’s a belt either keeping the hood down or the bumper on. I’m not exactly sure which, but I am sure that I’ve never seen this kind of rigging before. Could even be a rival to duct tape?

Red-Tailed Hawk
This “immature red-tailed hawk” let me get pretty darn close before finally flying away. I’m not a bird connoisseur, so I joined a local Kentucky bird-watching forum online and they were able to help me figure out what exactly I photographed. Oh man, those bird watchers are hard core….but very helpful!

Dead Things That Have Life
Even dead things can have beauty.

C'mon Earl, You're in Our Lane!
Tractor in our lane, town water tower, and a two-lane road — if this doesn’t scream “Kentucky” then I don’t what does.

Here’s a shot of my dad that I just kept coming back to. Bethany and I actually got him that hoodie for Christmas and he wore it the whole time we were there. In some ways this shot doesn’t really portray who my dad is, but at the same time it’s exactly who he is.

I was sitting on the couch when I captured this moment of my mom. I don’t always know what’s going in her mind and I feel like that’s kind of why I took this shot. This is sort of her life in Kentucky: in her chair, in her home, just thinking about the day.

God's Creation
The sun began to set as we were walking around the John James Audouban State Park. Really this is the result of being in the right place at the right time, and furthermore, I can’t take credit for the beauty that God created here.

Broken and Beautiful
An old outhouse type building was the only thing we found in this small park near my parents home. This particular evening it was cloudy and I thought the clouds added a whole new element to this photo.

A Kentucky Sunset
Finally, I am leaving you with this photo which is probably my favorite of the bunch. This was shot about 10 minutes after sunset and that’s when the sky really started to show-off, so to speak. I just loved the way the clouds are leading us into the end of something, but we can’t quite see it because of the trees which act as a skyline of sorts. Again, how could I even take credit for such beauty? It reminds me of the hymn:
This is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears
All nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres.
This is my Father’s world: I rest me in the thought
Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas;
His hand the wonders wrought.

- “This Is My Father’s World” Maltbie Babcock, 1901

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