I’ve Got a Jacket On and the Window Down

Shameless Self Promotion
I’ve got a lot on my mind right now — all good things. Here’s a few for starters:

1. I drove home from work with the window down and my jacket on yesterday. I figure this way I have the best of both worlds. I get the feeling that summer is here and I can relax on my drive home with the window down, and secondly I can wear a big puffy jacket and feel like it’s actually doing something and not just for looks.

2. I said I was stoked about Howards Schultz being back at Starbucks, and I wasn’t joking. I have a great feeling about the things that he’s been saying and writing. Be sure and go to and read the kind letter he wrote to you… you might be surprised. It takes a humble company to admit when they’ve screwed up and I think they are seeing what they have been missing. Starbucks taught me a lot about work, leadership, and customer service and I want to see them do well. And of course, as I said before, I hope we’ll start seeing more “Dave’s”.

3. I am legitimately thinking of starting Shay Thomason Photography… but we’ll see. I mean, it’s basically happened, but I might brand that part of me.

4. This one’s for the students who read my blog. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you at winter camp this year. The Lord is doing amazing things in your lives right now and I know that winter camp will be another growth time for you. I’ll be leading music and I look forward to worshiping our God together.

5. I’m still running every day. I take the weekends off, but it’s been going good.

How is everyone doing? Are you resolutions still going well? Talk to me goose.

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Hey Shay! I was talking to Holly today and she told me about how you’re into photography. Your work is absolutely stunning! It’s interesting to see where we’ve all ended up after all of these years.

Congratulations on getting married, btw!


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