Where I’ve Never Lived

Can I Come?
Oh Seattle, you seem so fitting
Oh Seattle, “The Emerald City”
The place where I should be today
Over water and under rain

Oh Seattle, home to some
Oh Seattle, can I come?
To hear your people as they sing
To see something I’ve never seen

I miss the sky, I miss the days
I simply miss the way it rains
Those clouds, they just don’t bother me
And how I just want some real coffee

California is nice, I know
It has always been my true home
But Oh Seattle, here I sit
Waiting to return, just to take a sip

By Shay

A little bit, a little bit more.

2 replies on “Where I’ve Never Lived”

Boo! Have you been outside the last two days? You don’t deserve to live in Southern California. Maybe you should just move.

We were in Seattle today with Bonnie. I intentionally drove the Alaska Way Viaduct just so we could see Elliot Bay and the statiums and the lights. So pretty. Seattle (and Yakima) is waiting…

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