A Few Things I’m Learning From Being Married

1. It is OK to buy things solely based on smell.
These items could include, but are not limited to: body wash, candles, and laundry soap. This is a concept I never understood. Men are practical people. I would normally purchase these items for functionality, therefore, if a body wash doesn’t foam enough, then it’s probably not worth my time. But now I am finding this is all a myth. At the end of the day, it’s all about smelling good.
2. I’m not too young to be married.
For almost two years I’ve had the privilege (for lack of a better word) of hearing the words, “You’re married!? Wow… you’re so young!.” The truth is, I can’t imagine getting married any later in life. I am continually growing and learning, and we are learning more and more together. We didn’t really have established habits coming out of college, but are merely establishing them now with each other.
3. Dates are important.
You just can’t under estimate going out for a nice evening together. Life is just busy, and a month will go by at the blink of an eye. Those times together are super crucial and a blessing. For us, it usually means a nice dinner and maybe ice cream afterwards, and that’s always a joy for me. We get to talk, laugh, and just be together without all the distractions this world is offering us.
4. Birthdays are way more fun.
They involve sneaking around town, trying to make sure she doesn’t see the box hidden in our one bedroom apartment, and trying to get really creative with our one bank account so she can’t see how much I spent. Sometimes you have to collaborate with the in-laws which is a ton of fun. At the end of the day they are just a great time and the stories they create are priceless.
5. Holidays are different.
There is always the question of which side of the family you will visit, and on what holiday? Though I don’t mind this right now, I think it would be a lot different if we had kids. Our families want to see us. And even though we have jobs and lives here, it’s important to make our way across the country (in various directions) be with them for the holidays.
6. You start memorizing the grocery store.
Never in my life have I had to spend regular time at the grocery store. But now that we go there all the time, I’ve realized that it’s important to know where stuff is. Though we make lists and whatnot, there’s always that jar of pickles, a random seasoning like cumin, or even sloppy joe sauce that you’ll forget and need to find while getting ready to checkout. Memorizing the aisles and locations of stuff is a huge benefit, trust me.
7. Target is the best.
I think there have been weeks where we went to Target four days in a row. That place is great. They always have what we need, and we always find cheap movies that we have been wanting to buy for a while. We go for big shopping days, and when we just need a toothbrush, and every time we seem to like it.

That’s all for now.. maybe as time goes on I can share more of my learnings with you. Feel free to leave me comments… they always put a smile on my face (and my wife’s).

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Seven Things We’ve Learned About Having a Son-in-Law:
1. He smells good (see #1 on his list).
2. We’re not too old to have a son-in-law.
3. We have another birthday to celebrate.
4. Dinners out are a lot more fun with our girls and their guys along.
5. There’s another Christmas stocking hanging from the fireplace and holidays are twice as much fun.
6. We start buying things that we wouldn’t have bought before when the kids are home to visit (salt & pepper chips.
7. A new son-in-law means a new audience for all of Daryl’s stories.
We love you, Shay!

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