Still Alive

Canyon Country Fire
My only aim here is to let everyone know that we’re still alive. As many of you know already, we live in an area that was surrounded by three crazy fires. At this point I’m actually kind of tired of hearing the word fire, but then again, my house hasn’t burned down. I feel for those families who have literally lost everything in their homes, but continue to see this as an opportunity for the gospel to go forth.

We live in such a prominent area, it is sometimes hard for people to see the need for a Savior. Their homes are big, and their bellies are full, and though I am in no way judging them, I do believe it is hard for them to see the need for Christ. Tragedies, like fires, can remind us that we are never in control. It also reminds me that the Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. He is a good Sovereign God and knows all things, especially the heart of man. The next few weeks and months crucial for so many families and my hope is that God is doing something in their hearts right now, so we can see His work in the future. Keep praying…

By Shay

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