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I’ve never been to San Francisco before. Well, that was true until this weekend. My wife and I had the opportunity to see some friends up in the bay area that are starting a church. Those friends were kind of enough to take us down to “the city” (as they call it). San Francisco is an interesting place. Someone used the word majestic to describe it this weekend and I might agree. It just has a chill vibe. It’s got it all: big city style, water, big bridges, random parks, old buildings, sweet architecture, and even the random crazy person. We enjoyed our time just driving around the streets and seeing the sights. You can’t see all of SF in one day, it’s too big. But the part I did see, I loved. And that stinkin’ Golden Gate bridge is amazing.

We had the blessing of coming on a clear day, which made for a great day to the bridges and the skyline. If you’ve never been, I strongly recommend taking a drive there or flying in if you have the means. I took some pictures there, but apparently I was having a really bad day with photography. Needless to say my pictures weren’t so good. I’ll try to go through some and post a few later. Anyways, here’s one for the road…

The Golden Gate at Night

By Shay

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That’s a beautiful picture! welocme back. Sorry about losing your dog. I can only imagine how I’ll be when it is time for Chip to go. Can’t…think…about…it… :(

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