For The English Major That I Never Was

Bethany and I went and saw “Stranger Than Fiction” last night, and we were both very impressed. I think for me, I’m always drawn to movies that have to do with writing and literature. There is something very attractive to me about these kinds of films. For instance, I highly enjoy films like “Dead Poet’s Society” and “Finding Forrester”. Maybe it’s because I like learning about the English language, or even that I appreciate great writing, which all of these films have. “Stranger Than Fiction” combined both a movie and a book. (Please don’t worry, I won’t spoil any of the movie for you, I’m not of those types). It was the kind of film that you just watch and are happy as you watch it. The characters are so well written, and the actors well chosen, and you find yourself highly engaged with emotions of the characters. It’s not like watching an action film, or sci-fi where you almost disconnect from what’s happening, this film is really about the common man. That’s what I think all of these more literature driven movies have in common: the common man effect. We can appreciate when the characters are just like we are. They don’t have some super power or crazy job, but they are just a part of their own life story. That’s what made “Stranger Than Fiction” so good. It just had great dialogue, which was very simple and pointed. In fact, it was so good, that it made want to write about it, so there ya go. I guess if you are a reader, writer, or just appreciate movies with good writing, you should really go check out this film, I highly recommend it.

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