Leave Me A Voicemail!

Got real excited about this today!

Ok, if you have a cell phone and/or you don’t have to worry about long distance try this!

1. Dial : (415) 856-0205
2. Enter 661-555-5555 at the prompt
3. PIN is 8888
4. Leave me a message
5. Press 1 to post (don’t worry, I’ll keep it private, unless it’s really funny or something)

Seriously, it’s my new number for voicemail. You can leave me a message on here and it I’ll definitely get it! Follow all the steps.. it’s great!! oh man.. I’m so happy.

Or.. the other alternative is to click on the button to your right — >>> and leave me a voicemail over your computer microphone. But calling me is so much more cellular of you…

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ok so going back to that past post about calling 911 on a cell phone. . i called 911 from my cell phone sunday morning and it rang for a full minute.. but someone answered! i advise getting the number to the local sherrif’s station and calling there instead.. i think it would probably let you through. you think?

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