Steps To Find A Human

Yeah, I’ve got the day off today. Spending some time over at the church working John (the youth pastor) on some stuff, trying to finish it all up. But he left for lunch and I have been distracted.

I got really into today. I added it to my Google homepage. Have I said that I love Google? I really do. Nevermind that right now, but is great. I think I had surfed by it one time before, but I didn’t think anything of it. It’s just a wonderful way of receiving the news of what’s really going on. And you can find anything you want there, ahh.. finally.

Oh man, I was watching TV this morning and I found something I like, out of the box. Some guy decided (and I agree) that he’s sick of waiting on the phone with some dumb automated system. So he made a site called GetHuman. Click the link and check it out, it’s great. Make sure you clck on “Database” at the top or the GetHuman logo. It has lots of 800 numbers and tells you the secret to talking to a person, and some hints as to what to do about getting through to people.

That’s probably enough fun for one day. I’ll be back later, maybe 2 posts in one day.

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