Wisdom And Weddings

Wisdom: Applying Biblical Knowledge to Daily Life
Wedding: 1) To take as a spouse; marry. 2)To perform the marriage ceremony for; join in matrimony.

These two things actually go together! It’s amazing. I know that sounds sort of elementary, but it’s a real thing. Bethany and I have had a BIG weekend, actually a big week in general. Finals have come and gone and that’s a whole other blog in itself. Let’s just summarize by saying we finished as well as we possibly could. But more importantly, Bethany graduated this weekend! It was an exciting and fun time. Bethany’s parents, sister, and grandmother flew down from Washington and we have spent the weekend with them. It’s always nice to have family come around from out of town because you get to eat a lot of really amazing food. (hehe) For instance, my parents also came to the graduation ceremony and we went out to Claim Jumper afterwards. It was awesome! I just love good food. mmmmm.. woah.. where was I? Anyways, we’ve had some, let’s say, i n t e r e s t i n g conversions this weekend. One of those being the upcoming wedding where Bethany and I will be joined in holy matrimony. I think that sometimes we should do what the Jewish people do when a boy becomes a man at 13. Cause I think I’ve had a similar weekend. All of sudden I am sitting with my parents and Bethany’s parents and we’re talking about the details of our financial situation, the survival factors, and the details of the wedding. I guess I found myself becoming a man really quickly as the reality of providing for another person comes in to view. But I must say before I scare you away from this blog, that everything has turned out just great. A major topic of discussion with the wedding was the location of such and occasion. Is it Washington? Is it California? These questions can take up a good amount of conversation, let me tell ya!But in the end, what it really comes down to is using Biblical wisdom in all of your decisions. We sat in church this morning and heard a great sermon on wisdom. Our pastor explained the Biblical teaching of wisdom and how it needs to run our lives (James 3:13ff). This couldn’t have come at a better time for Bethany and I. We were in the middle of making a major decision on our wedding and we believe that we want to use Godly wisdom in the planning of our own wedding. It’s hard at times to make major decisions such as a location of a wedding. Who will be there? Who won’t be there? Who will we disappoint? Who won’t care? Who will care? These are things that can be very important to people. And Bethany and I want to do the best we can to accommodate everyone without leaving people out of our union. So you might be asking, so what did you decide? Is it California or Washington? Most likely you Bethany or me and you’re reading this wondering where this joyous occasion will take place because it is going to change your own plans. Well.. I’ll tell ya. We’ve actually decided to go the more traditional route for our wedding, the bride in her hometown. In the end, it just seems like the wise thing to do. It’s going to be fun, I can guarantee that. But we know that God has a plan for our lives and the location of our wedding is in his plan too. God knows where we’ll get married, he’s known that forever. God knows what it’s going to be like, he’s known that forever too. So, know this, God knows the same details about my life as well as yours. If you are making a major decision anytime soon, seek the Scripture for your wisdom; pray, ask the Lord for guidance. Some of your decisions may seem trivial, but they are never too trivial for our Savior.

Now go, may the Lord bless you and keep you.

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Shay, Oh my goodness!! I am so happy for you. Just some words of wisdom love each other, never give up, make sure to easily forgive, never go to bed angry and of course have Jesus Christ be the center of your marriage. Well congratulations again and God bless *Jenna

SHAY!! i havent talked to you in almost 2 years!! think about that.. thats a REALLY long time!! duude i miss hangin out with u and the other collage kids, tell everyone there i said hi. Hey drop me a email ( i wanna see whats up.


You are my sunshine and my love. I dream about the pizza that will bring us together. I am happy to hear your news about love and weddings. I wish you blessings from above and plenty of high speed internet.

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