word up. last night the boys and I went for a night on the tizzown. we were g’d up dog. it was like crazy.

no, but seriously, last night we went out to Claim Jumper looking like this. It was great. From left to right its Lavar, Ryan, Justin, and me. It was hilarious. When you walk in to a restaurant looking like that, people are bound to stare at you. oh man, I loved it. Our server was kind of an interesting guy. I think he was from Colorado and his name was like Zeek. He would say things and walk away still saying something. Kind of confusing, but he liked us and served us well. I must say that we tipped him well also. Justin had the funniest thing happen to him. He ordered this $4 soup, to find out it comes in like a tea cup. It was sooo funny. So he asked the waiter, “Hey does this thing have refills?” and everyone just laughed. But the server was chill and brought Justin another bowl on the house. I ate the Widow Maker Burger. It was so intense; I couldn’t fit my mouth around it to take a bite. Well, I guess that’s about it for now. School ended for me today. Took my last final. Looking forward to summer and all that is in store for me. I’ll let you kids know how it goes. Peace out.

Ryan and Me.. Gangsta!

Backseat brothas!

man’s gotta eat..

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The pics are pretty sweet Shay, I still can’t believe you went to Claim Jumpers like that - but very funny…Kimberly

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