trainonroad.jpgI saw this on the road the other day.

It’s not everyday you are driving down the street and all of a sudden a huge train comes rolling by. It was seriously a weird thing. I was flippin’ out about it, and my roommate was in the car with me. It’s a good thing I had my camera handy so I could snap a quick pic for all you kids.. anyways.. I hope that is amusing to you..

Secondly (because I like to list things by numbers), I preached today at school. It was pretty crazy. It actually has kind of taken up my life for the past couple of weeks. But I thought it went pretty well considering everything. Now my only job is to get caught back up in school. I know that sounds bad, but it seriously has been out of control. I am glad that I was able to be used that way though. It was so cool having so many people praying for me and encouraging me, seriously rad.

But I’ve gotta get going to youth group tonight, but I hope your days are going well, talk to you soon!

By Shay

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Shay, your a cool kid, I love working with you; and that is awesome that you got an opportunity to preach!!

Peace out, and take care,

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