No Love

I guess no one comes to my site anymore. I talk up like I get 1,000 hits a day, but in actuality I think I am writing for myself. It’s like a private blog. I’m only saying this because I haven’t had that many repsonses to my journals in a while. maybe it’s because they have been more on the serious side of things, but I was hoping more people would post comments. If could just please post me a comment and tell me you’re reading this that would bring back my enthusiasm. it’s not that I’m sad or anything, I just want to make sure you kids are still alive.

so… post me something… or I might be sad. ok bye

By Shay

A little bit, a little bit more.

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Hey Sherman, your site is actually on my favorites list to check up on every day if I can, so I look at it, try to keep up with the people that were actually pretty cool from DC. Hey, Brad Auckerman goes to my school now, so if you come visit his school sometime, look me up, I should be around. And always remember “brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug!”


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