Free Airport Internet: A Shaycam Favorite

Ok, So I’m sitting in Portland International Airport waiting for my flight to leave and I got curious about the wireless internet here. But you know what’s great?!! It’s free here! hehe.. I love it. I’m so online. I mean, I’m like the king of online. Ok not really. But this is pretty cool. bandme.jpgThis is a picture of us in the snow at Bethany’s house. This is where I have been all week. Up in Washington State just chilling, literally. It’s been in the 20’s like the entire time that I have been here. Check out what we made though. This is like the coolest snowman ever! I love it. So, only like 10 minutes until boarding so I am going to put my laptop away. I am seriously living in like the coolest times ever.

This was never possible. But thankfully it is! Hope all is well with you and I’ll see ya soon!

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