Thanksgiving At The Desert

snowmtn.jpgCame to my parents for thanksgiving this year. They live in the desert. I grew up in the desert my entire life until I went to the Master’s college. This past weekend they got a freak snow storm though and so those pics above are of the mountains outside of my house and the other one is just a desert snow scene that Bethany took from the car when we were coming here.
I had written some other stuff here, but the stupid blog server is all bogged down. So.. Happy Thanksgiving!.. (ps. I went to a place and ate some food.. there was like 4 professional chefs.. and then I went and saw “National Treasure”… go see it).. bye.

By Shay

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Those pictures were in Apple Valley, CA. I actually grew up in the Antelope Valley which is about an hour west of Apple Valley.. There you go.. the truth is revealed.

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