USC Vs. Master’s?

that seriously was the most interesting combination. I mean, the fact that USC played The Master’s College (where I attend) was really interesting. Two of my three roommates play for our basketball team and a bunch of us went down and watched them play at USC tonight. We got slaughtered, but that’s beside the point. Let’s review the facts: USC student attendance 1,000,000,000,000,000 (rounded to the nearest biltrillkilltonth) and Master’s (maybe 1500 on a good year). So I think the final score showed us having half the points they did, but I think we played well and the guys really like the competition.bigboy.jpg Later we just did some hangout time with all the kids. we tried to go to bob’s big boy but it didn’t work out. hour long waiting list with 9 people isn’t gonna get the job done. so we decided to do the next best thing and go to the nearest starbucks (right next door). we laughed and giggled and basically took the place over. it made me very happy. but hey. I am taking vicodin right now so anything could seriously make me giggle. i guess that’s all for me. and if you’re wondering why I am taking vicodin, well ask your doctor about sinusitus. ok bye.

By Shay

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SHAY!!! - Do you know where liars go?! You told me you were better, yet still on vicodin! Alright that’s it I am going to release “The Girlfriend” on you! Watch out both of us know where you live. Bethany you got to strap him down and give him the secret mix. It’s the only way! Let me know if you need help - I’ll bring in the reinforcements.

hey shay this is vanessa overholt (Barnes) from highschool. Just thought Id say hi and that im glad ur happy and giggly LOl and ur in my prayers.

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