“… Leaving, On A Jet Plane … “

Yesterday was a rock and roll time. Tristan, Justin, and me actually met up with one of our other friends Steve and we took Seattle by storm! It seriously was so much fun. We’ve got video and pics and all sorts of media.. but let me just say this. If you are ever up here in Seattle, you have to check out that Seattle Public Library! oh man, it’s so cool. Hopefully when I get back my pictures will tell the story…

But all that to say that today we say goodbye to our friends in the northwest.. It’s been a good trip. fun times. great moments. lots of memories. Our plane leaves in only 2 hours and right now we’re getting ready to leave for the airport. (don’t worry it’s only 10 minutes away). So.. I gotta roll because Justin has to check his email. you kids have a great Lord’s Day and I’ll see yah soon!

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