Morning Sunshine!

I just thought I’d drop you all a note and tell you what the doctor said. After a check-up from the doc himself, x-rays of my chest, and finally a breathing test on this sweet machine… the doctor says I have asthma, and an infection on top of it. Seriously, isn’t that crazy. I thought it was. So I went out with Bethany last night and we went and got food and a movie; that was fun. Right now I have a stuffy nose and need to take a shower. I work later today so that’s kind of a bummer. That’s all, just a quick update. The sun is shining today which is awesome.. so I’m outta here.

By Shay

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Oh man that is crazy. You have never had asthma before. I didn’t think you could develop it as an adult. Oh wow. So asthma treatments for shay. no bueno! Take care of yourself shay.

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