June 25th, 2004 11:41AM

Ok, you want updates.. you got updates baby!

1. It was my birthday 10 days ago.
2. I don’t live in a dorm right now.
3. I bought a new camera.
4. My nose looks funny in that picture to the right.
5. I broke my capo for my guitar last night.
6. I saw my best friend Zach for the first time in like 2 months the other day.
7. I still work at Starbucks.
8. I paid $103.25 to get my car fixed the other day.
9. I’m taking an American Lit. class this summer.
and finally..
10. I have to go now because I am supposed to meet my dad to get my tags for my license plate on my car, which is kind of a part of number 8 in this list, but it’s really a long story and I still have to take a shower.

You kids are great.


ps. I’m thinking you’ll see more updates now that I got my computer all set up in my current residence..

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